Liliana Portillo of Venezuela to the World

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This is Liliana
Liliana Portillo athlete, 23 years old has had the opportunity to represent her home country, Venezuela, in the 1st Special Olympics World Aquatics event held at San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Venezuelan competitor comes from beloved sunny city of Maracaibo and has succeeded in two competitions, the relay race and 100 meters, raising much enthusiasm and joy among her teammates, coaches and family. Portillo has served six years as a Special Olympics athlete and has represented her country in national competitions and international competitions in a variety of swimming styles such as: freestyle, back, breaststroke and relay, with successful results. Lili as she is affectionately called says that during competitions nervousness invades her but that the nervousness does not stop her and that it is precisely what drives her determination and effort to achieve and win.

About Me:

I am an assistant coach for Special Olympics Venezuela