A Coach in the House

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Mrs. Shriver the Ultimate Coach
Back in 1989, I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Shriver and interviewing for the Basketball Director's position at Special Olympics International. I discovered that I was the first full-time woman in the sports department. I will never forget that interview nor will I forget the times that I met with Mrs. Shriver one-to-one, had walk-and-talk meetings and experienced the time when I took her to her first half court 3-on-3 basketball training. Her focus on the athlete and providing the most challenging and rewarding opportunities that would lead to their development permeated everything she did. What you were doing had to positively impact the athlete, otherwise it would not be supported. And now, I am reminded so many times why we are here and what we are to do. Mrs. Shriver’s words ring true in my ears every day. I truly am blessed to have been directed by her to help coaches all over the world improve their ongoing education and provide better opportunities for their athletes. It is the only way our athletes can rise above circumstance and reach more closely to what they are capable. They deserve the best in coaching – that is my role and that is the gift Mrs. Shriver gave to me.

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Senior Manager, Sports Partnerships with Emphasis on Coaching Excellence