An Angel Named Itzel

It was 19 years ago that my beautiful daughter Itzel was born. At the age of three she was diagnosed with autism and the doctors told me she would not amount to anything. This was both shocking and challenging for me. At first it was very difficult for me to understand what her needs were and not feel pity for her. Day by day I have seen mature and grow as person. I saw her travel by herself to compete with Special Olympics in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The whole time she was smiling quietly. Honestly, I was probably more nervous than she was. When she returned, she came back with a medal! But I was more impressed with how she was able to adapt to her environment and get along with different people who she had never met before. I was so proud of her. Itzel has blossomed into a happy, confident, competitive and loving person. She has overcome many of her own fears. I can only say, “Thank God for this beautiful gift and thank you for making my daughter a better person.” I love you.

About Me:

I am a mother who God has blessed with the opportunity to care for one of His angels.  I am thankful for my daughter who fights everyday for respect, dignity and recognition in our society.  I am 47 years old and have worked 4 days a week to support my daughter so that she can lead of life of independence and experiences.