Excited for My Colleagues in Romania

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This is me in New York
I am feeling very proud. I waited so much to be in New York. I represent the athletes of the Down Association of Oradea in Romania. Healthy Athletes helped me a lot and my colleagues be healthier. Healthy Communities will help people with disabilities in my community. With this program we will commit more support for the athletes in our National Games and the World Games. We had a pilot of Youth Athletes Opening Eyes in my town. I had screens for my eyes, ears and feet. I has a problem with my ear. I was referred to a doctor and they cleaned my ear. My mother took me, and if I had been alone, I would still have followed up. But other athletes should be reminded to follow the doctor's recommendations. Healthy Communities is a very good idea for athletes to be reminded.

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics Global messenger. I love bocce.