WE must make the Difference!

It’s very important to keep the message of Eunice Kennedy Shriver always alive. It’s ispire me every day to make a difference in my society. Through our work in Special Olympics Project we must try to identify, utilize and embrace the talent of each person to contribute to the community. We must change the paradigm of leadership of the few to co-leadership, where each person is a leader by sharing their talents with the community. All in the world are different: different culture, different way of live, different colour, different constitution, but this is NORMAL, so also disability is a just a difference, not a deficit or lack. We make an activity in the afternoon where young people of different age and classroom meet themselves and so it isn't just an activity targeted for one specific group. For us the school is a point of education and training towards the integration in the society and this is for all a continuous cultural enrichment. We think that if in the school are made this kind of activity the young can transfer this education of respect and equality in the reality outside the school. Our purpose is the full inclusion and we continue to walk toward it.

About Me:

My name is Martina Tordiglione. I'm 20 years old. I study at the university and I work in the weekend. I started take part in voluntary activities 5 years ago. Every Project or experience I do it's always a big enrichment.