Sports is Special

Sports is both Arts & Science. Sports is an Expression, a Language, a Performance. Sports has No Boundaries, No Barriers. Sports is Special. It's been almost 9 months since my involvement with Special Olympic Singapore. I'm privileged to coach the 5-a-side Men's Football team and I've thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far. This experience has showed me that: There's a mysterious quality that our special athletes possess. Something infectious. Something magnetic. Something magical. It's that special something that tells me to snooze my alarm clock before heading out for an early morning training. It's that special something that tells me to create tactics that allow the players to freely express themselves on the pitch and enjoy themselves. It's that special something that I hope will be a part of my weekly routine, something that I can look forward to. My hopes are for my athletes to be just like us. To receive the best training that I can provide. To get every opportunity for compete. To have on-lookers and 'outsiders' be amazed when they see the athletes' athletic abilities shine. They are just like us. A blank canvas, a fresh sheet of paper. I see myself as an artist, a poet. Someone who can make a little difference.

About Me:

I'm an undergraduate who volunteer with Special Olympic Singapore as a Football Coach.