You Guys are so CLEAR!

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Anthony’s vision was tested during the Healthy Athletes Opening Eyes Program in Ames, Iowa. He is very happy with his new glasses.
One of my students named Anthony went to the state Special Olympics Iowa games in Ames last spring. He wears glasses and Kathy Irving had him get his eyes tested at this event. Sure enough, he needed new glasses. Kathy sent the glasses to the school he attended during the summer. Anthony and his dad stopped in - two weeks to the day - when he thought the glasses would arrive. The next day, they came! We called Anthony to the office as we knew he was eager to see his new glasses. He put them on his face, stood back, looked at us and in his halting speech said, “You, you, you guys are so CLEAR!” Needless to say, my secretary and I were both in tears. He was so excited. And believe me, the word clear is not one that would have been on his list of “frequently used.” Your vision program is a lifesaver for many families!! Thanks for all you do!

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