My Own Story

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My first involvement in Special Olympics Tanzania was in 1987 when the founder of Special Olympics Tanzania, Mr. N’nyapule Madai approached me requesting to use the National Stadium for their first National Games. I was the Manager of the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam, and I was supposed to charge anybody for using the Stadium but after a lengthy discussion with Mr. Madai I was curious to see Special Olympics Games, so I allowed for the games to be held in the Stadium without any charge. When the 50 athletes came to the Stadium I was amazed because I had not seen such a big number of People with Intellectual Disability together, with different levels of disability and I never thought that such people have the ability and courage to participate in sports and experience joy just like those without disability. My immediate action was to rush into the stadium to volunteer doing anything that I thought needed to be done. I became a volunteer without been recruited by anybody. After the games the organizers wrote me a thanks letter and requested me to join SO as a volunteer, something I accepted. I am now National Director Special Olympics Tanzania. My last words is that “Special Olympics is like a VIRUS. Once infected you will never get out”. In Special Olympics there is a lot of fun and satisfaction. I have made many friends through athletes, coaches, family members, volunteers as well as staff from SO, SO Africa and Programs around the world. Anybody who has not joined Special Olympics is missing a lot. WELLCOME TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS AND YOU WILL NEVER REGRET

About Me:

I am 60 years of age and currently National Director Special Olympics Tanzania. I am happy to see that I am serving people who need to be served. I am even happier on seeing the athletes smiling, which makes me feel that my support is having an impact.