I Love Project Unify

300 x200 Special Olympics Project Unify Greece
I have been involved with Project Unify for 4 years and I am now a Special Olympics North America sub committee co chair, so excited about that as well and getting to meet new Project Unify players as well and travel alot during my Project Unify career. I am glad to have Rebecca being on our Project Unify as a chaparone and person to help us. I am glad I have a state mentor named Leann Powell. She helps me when I struggle or when I am getting upset about things that I stress over during my Project Unify meetings and am glad she travels with me. I am also happy that I have Sam Mcleod as my mentor as well. They are all great people to work with. I love Project Unify. This is my last year on Project Unify. I am going to miss it after am done in North Carolina next summer for the meeting for Special Olympics. I am going to cry after meeting new Project Unify members who are going to take over our spots when we leave.

About Me:

I am part of Project Unify for Montana and lead other things like torch run I run with the officers while they are in Great Falls for our state summer games or area games and I also do fall leadership conference for Special Olympics Montana.