Not Every Victory Happens In A Sporting Event

For those who don't know me, I often like to brag about my athletic accomplishments in Special Olympics. However, when I went to the World Games in Greece in 2011, I realized that in Special Olympics, an athlete's greatest victory can happen outside of competition. My greatest victory happened because of failure. In 2009, I tried out for the Illinois Mens National Basketball Team for the 2010 National Games. While I was disappointed I didn't make the team, an even greater opportunity came up. I was able to attend a Youth Activation Summit and that was where I was first introduced to Project Unify. That experience allowed me to bring Project Unify to my school and gave me the chance to experience Project Unify on a Global level at the Youth Summit in Greece. Right after I started my freshman year of college, I joined the National Youth Activation Committee and try to help expand Project Unify in my new hometown of Philadelphia, PA and work with organizations across the country to create inclusive youth partnerships and present what I have done at the SONA Conference next summer. While I am proud of my athletic accomplishments, my work with Project Unify is my greatest victory.

About Me:

Member of the National Youth Activation Committee, 4 time IL State Champion in Basketball, helped create a Unified Program for District 204, Co-Chair of the Inclusive Youth Partnership Committee.