Next Generation of Special Olympics

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Over 30 Special Olympics athletes received free dental care at A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona last Thursday, thanks to Special Olympics’ inspired dental students and professors. I was excited to be there because Cindy McCain was coming out in a great show of support for our athletes and it was the first time I was seeing the next generation of Special Olympics in action. Today was the culmination of years of trainings and screenings that had been conducted worldwide by Special Olympics. This time the dentists were actually going to treat the athletes’ health issues instead of just screen and refer them. So, when many young dental students were absolutely overflowing with excitement about providing care for our athletes and for many of them to be close to tears because of it – I did not take it for granted. It really was a Special Day for Special Smiles and it was particularly nice to have Mrs. McCain - a terrific ambassador for us - in our midst to share the day.

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