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Alexandru Dobrin (far right) with (from left) Nicusor Circiumaru, Bogdan Cleniuc and Denisa Iliescu (attending 2013 Global Youth Activation Summit together with Alexandru)
Alexandru Dobrin, Youth Leader from Bucharest/Romania, selected to participate at the 2013 Global Youth Activation Summit: “We are a group. Together we are strong, together we feel great- no matter where we are. I'm proud to take part in Project Unify, and gradually, Special Olympics becomes even more important for me, as days go by. And this is only the beginning.” “My adventure with Special Olympics started exactly one year ago. I felt like I need to give something back to the society, by becoming a volunteer. I started going to different events, where I got the chance to meet wonderful and devoted people. I had contact with the full Special Olympics experience and everything got even better when I met my lovely friends, Athletes Denisa, Nicu and Bogdan. Together we make an awesome team. We are active and we have participated in different events, related to Project UNIFY. Besuides many other activities we went to the National Youth Summit in Bucharest. We met again at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day when we played Unified bocce and danced Zumba. After that, at a Unified Gymnastics competition, Denisa did a great job as an athlete, while I, as a volunteer, was cheering for her.

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