being proud of who we are!!!

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e and a volunteer Cris at the Special Olympics track and field event
My name is Jack Vaisey and I learned a very powerful thing today, that there are nice people out there who care, who want to help. There is a special place in heaven for each and every one of them. My friend Cris who you see on the right in the white shirt was a voulnter in St. Lawrence Universty who helped me and cheered me on during my events. Ii was in the 200 yard dash and I was in the second lane. My friend Jay who has Down snydrom was in the first lane. The gun went off and Jay took off. He was in first the whole way. I was so happy for him but when we came around the last bend Jay lost his footing and fell. I could have kept going but I stopped and picked my friend up and we finished togther side by side. I am so grateful for Special Olympics. Don't think of your disablity as a disability. Think of it as a strength. We Special Olympics athletes are strong and we will move on. Thank you!!

About Me:

i am 24 yeards old my Name is Jack i love the special olympics there is no place i would rather be then with my fellow athletes!!