From Athlete Turned Quidditch Fan

300x200- george rogers quidditch
My quidditch team. I am on the far left in a big hat.
When I heard that quidditch was at Virginia Tech, I was like, "Can I join???" So my Special Olympics helper at the time (who was also on the team before joining the New York quidditch movement!) talked to some of the club members and they invited me to go to their practices and games. I was like, schweeet!!!! So once I got into that sport and met up with awesome people, i really enjoyed the sport! And yeah, I know that even though my Special Olympics helper is not there anymore, I am still having fun with the school's quidditch club! Because they love having me at the club and I loved the fact they included me!

About Me:

Buddy director at Best Buddies Virginia Tech, and Quidditch Club member