Project UNIFY: Girls Unified Football team from Belgrade-Serbia

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Partner Ivana on the very left on the photo of the Girls Unified Football team from Belgrade
“I love how we have the opportunity to share with each other and learn. I am not sure if this would be possible or if it would ever happen if there wasn’t for Project Unify that brought us together" I never played football before, but when I was asked to give it a try I said why not. We created a team with girls from a special school. I liked the idea of Unified Sports as I have a sister with a disability, and I think that this is a great opportunity for us to engage together. When I started playing I was not very good, in fact I think that I was the worst player in the team, but that didn’t make anyone angry, what it brought was that all the girls helped me to learn to play better. Anja from my school and I started staying longer after practice together with our two friends Jelena and Sonja from the special school to train more. They have a great teacher who tought them football from the first grade.”

About Me:

I am Unified Football partner; I have a sister with intellectual disability.