Project UNIFY - Unified Sports: And you’re suddenly in a world you never expected…

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Last one on the right, Francesco Muscogiuri - Unified Football Coach, in Biella
During the football training session I’ve seen Partners have a brand new experience of sports: they were used to focus on scoring. Now they were happy to play with the whole team, to win or lose with their teammates, happy taking part. This experience made me curious about Special Olympics, a new way to perceive and play sport. Special Olympics Italy asked us if we, as a school, wanted to take part in Project UNIFY. I’m a support teacher and a physical education teacher, so I was chosen among other colleagues to take part into a seminar to deepen my knowledge of Project UNIFY and Unified Sports. This experience was very enriching, professionally and for me as a person: I had the opportunity to discuss with other colleagues, that made me more enthusiastic, but also a bit scared of a completely new world. But the final event during European Football Week 2012 was the “reward” for the hard work of students, teachers, volunteers and parents. It was a sport event, but also an opportunity for new friendships, new emotions, that someone had probably never experienced before. It could be easy to use nice words to describe what we did, but to experience it…well it’s a completely different thing!

About Me:

I am a Unified Football Coach and PE teacher in Biella, Italy