An Austrian project UNIFY teacher tells us her story

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The teacher who was interviewed
"I know Project UNIFY/ Unified Sports because of a colleague. I have been involved with Special Olympics since the last school year (2011/2012). I got involved in Project UNIFY, because I want to help to provide youths with an intellectual disability the opportunity to take part in Unified Sports competitions together with youths without an intellectual disability. Besides, a very close relationship between partner and athlete develops. The partner and athlete of my team are pupils of the same class, the partner was chosen by the athlete himself. She says that the support of pupils without an intellectual disability towards pupils with an intellectual disability has been increasing through Project UNIFY. Besides the pupils have started to realize that pupils with an intellectual disability are good at sports and are even able to defeat pupils without an intellectual disability. “ In Austria schools are inclusive.

About Me:

I am volunteering as senior Project UNIFY coordinator in Austria; I used to be a teacher and am retired now.