Against the odds

Despite hardship, Kenneth Mokabo remains a responsible, diligent young man who is always assisting other people. Kenneth never really knew his father and tragically lost his sister, with whom he was very close, in an accident in 2008. When Kenneth was in nursery school, it was discovered he was delayed in his developmental milestones and had speech, language and learning difficulties. Eventually, he was diagnosed with Microcephaly and an intellectual disability. Kenneth started skating at Casa do Sol school as part of the school's gross motor program when he was in class 6 in 2007. Kenneth took to ice-skating like a fish to water excelling at the program within his school and at Special Olympics. When it was announced there is a chance that a Special Olympics team from South After might represent at the 2013 World Games, Kenneth worked hard to improve his skills and advance to be part of the delegation. Kenneth has never been on an airplane or out of South Africa.

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