Together is Better - Dynamic Duo from Iceland Looking for Gold in Figure skating

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Katrin Gudrun Tryggvadottir, age 23 from Reykavik, Iceland is looking to share the joy of competing with figure skating partner Thordis Erlingsdottir, 24 at the 2013 World Winter Game in PyeongChang.
Katrin Gudrun Tryggvadottir, age 23 from Reykjavik, Iceland, will compete in figure skating for the second time at a World Winter Games, but for 2013 she will be joined by partner Thordis Erlingsdottir, age 24. Shy and insecure, Katrin did not participate in sports when a young girl at school. She didn’t think she was capable of doing the same activities as the other kids in her class. But when she saw the figure skaters going to Nagano she decided she wanted to give it a go. Her parents were surprised when Katrin became interested in figure skating, particularly given the fact that it’s not one of the easiest sports. But Katrin was determined to succeed and in 2005 she started to train regularly with the help from a great coach, Helga Olsen. By 2009 Katrin was selected to represent Special Olympics Iceland at the World Winter Games in Boise, Idaho. Katrin was the only athlete from Special Olympics Iceland and the experience was a huge boost to her confidence and abilities.

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Watch the dynamic duo Katrin and Thordis prepare their figure skating routine for PyeongChang 2013.
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