An Awesome Story

I have been competing in Special Olympics since I was 8 years old and before that, I participated in the Young Athletes program. I learned to swim through the Clover Special Olympics program and competed in the Special Olympics Aquatics program. Thanks to Special Olympics, I now have a paying job as a life guard at the Rock Hill Aquatics Center. I now life guard during Special Olympic swim meets! I have competed in many sports including powerlifting, aquatics and soccer, but power lifting is my favorite. We have coaches and we train just like any other athlete. Special Olympics has taught me to be brave and has given me the courage to do things I never thought I could do. I have Special Olympics to thank for where I am today. I am also trained as a Global Messenger for South Carolina! I competed in national and international levels also!

About Me:

I work at the Rock Hill Aquatics Center as a lifeguard, work at Walgreen's as a stocker and customer service! I love playing video games, go out to eat and hanging out with my girlfriend!


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