Special Olympics athlete returns to Korea after finding his true home in USA

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The upcoming competition in the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Korea holds special significance for Oregon USA athlete Henry Meece. Not only will he traveling thousands of miles to test his skills against other athletes from around the world, Henry will also be experiencing a homecoming, of sorts. Henry was born in Korea, where he started life in the hospital for many months due to complications at birth. He was then taken to live in a foster home before being adopted by a new family and welcomed to a new home and a new life in Portland, Oregon. Fast-forward 22 years later and Henry, despite struggles that have come with his intellectual disability, has grown up to be an accomplished athlete. Henry will be competing on the Special Olympics Team USA snowboarding team, though he didn’t even start snowboarding until a few years ago. He began with his high school team, then pursued snowboarding with Special Olympics after high school graduation.

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