Holy Cow- What an Experience

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Stephanie Jamie poses with her friend Chick-fil-A manager Chris Pratt at her Spirit Day fundraiser.
Holy Cow! It’s an expression I use a lot…and have been using even more lately since it’s appropriate on so many levels! In August, we got news one of my twin daughters – Stephanie (19), had been selected to compete in skiing at the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games in South Korea! Holy Cow, this was huge news! She is one of just four athletes from North Carolina to get this honor! We spread her good news far and wide! Every Saturday, the girls and I meet their grandparents (Joan and Ray Cress) at Chick-fil-A for a delicious breakfast before heading out for a fun morning of shopping. It’s become a tradition, one I’m so glad my parents started. The staff knows us and we feel at home there. When we told Stephanie’s news to Chris Pratt, the manager at our favorite Chick-fil-A in Winston-Salem, NC, he was excited and offered to help raise funds for Stephanie. He said he loved our family and wanted to do something special for her! To my amazement, the store held a Spirit Day in November in Stephanie’s honor with a percentage of the day’s sales being donated to Special Olympics. In November, we were just floored when Doug Roberts, owner of the Ski & Tennis Station in Winston-Salem, donated skis, poles, bindings and boots molded especially for her feet to Stephanie! He really engaged Stephanie during the fitting too and had her talking and smiling. He’s very excited about her trip and wants updates while we are there. The Bixby Fun Center & General Store in Advance has Stephanie’s photo plastered all over their walls. Kim, the owner, held a huge stew fundraiser one Saturday morning and I think our entire town came out for it. The employees at the Wal-Mart know us and tell us they’ve seen her on TV and ask us when she’s leaving and wish her luck every time we’re in there. Holy Cow! We've gotten such amazing support from our community, members of our church, our co-workers, everyone!. It’s truly been overwhelming!

About Me:

I am the proud mother of Special Olympics NC twins- Jennifer & Stephanie. We think so highly of Special Olympics and can't believe the opportunity this organization has afforded our family to go to the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Korea!


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