A Chief Coach, A Happy Man

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Coach Godwin Mnyamisi and his football team
“This is my best performance in my career as a Special Olympics Football Coach” This was a comment by the Tanzania Chief Coach Godwin Mnyamisi. Comparing his achievement to enabling his team win a gold in Shanghai in 2007, he said that they are both good achievements but he thinks that the Unified Team in Rustenburg was better because his team played against much stronger teams than those in Shanghai. The coach cited teams like Cote de I’voire, South Africa and Kenya that are among teams that he ever faced. For the upcoming Special Olympics World Cup competition in Rio, Mnyamisi says that he needs to prepare more because he expects to play teams which have qualified from around the world which must be good teams. Nevertheless, he has much confidence in his team. Commenting on his team losing to the Special Olympics South Africa Unified team, he said that he is not happy but in a football match, losing is one of results and thanks God that his team at least is among the top three. Every team has to learn to accept the outcome but after working hard. He will lead his team in Rio with high hope of being a good representative of Africa. Special Olympics Tanzania is proud of Mnyamisi for his work in with coaching football especially in the preparation for the Africa Unity Cup in South Africa.

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