An Emotional Gift

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Coach Sarah and David at a Project Unify basketball game.
At the start of our final basketball practice, a member of the athletic club where we practiced approached me. He said he had watched what happened each Thursday at the club and was so moved that he wanted to present Special Olympics Project Unify with a gift. He told me that at work, they had received a red envelope with a $100 bill in it as a gift. They were supposed to pass it on. He recounted that his first impression was not great, thinking it was not much of a gift if he had to give it away and be left with nothing. However, he said that tonight he realized what a gift it was as he got the opportunity to give it to Project Unify. He said he had not realized till that moment that the gift he received had nothing to do with the $100. His gift truly was in giving it away to this wonderful group of basketball players. He handed me the red envelope and walked away with a smile on his face.

About Me:

Special Olympics is an integral part of my family, which includes Ben (athlete) and Sarah (Coach/Unified Partner). I am called Coach, Volunteer, a Fan in the Stands, or Mom, all of which fill my heart with joy. I am also Dir of Ops for a non-profit day pgrm for adults with intellectual disabilities.