The making of a great athlete

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Tim in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Tim was born in 1985 with Down Syndrome. He underwent surgery at 3 weeks and his existence was very fragile.Tim overcame many obstacles including weak flaccid muscle and speech difficulties. He has been encouraged by his big brothers to be involved in the family sports. He can now ski, golf and he competes in triathlon. He loves music and loves to play his drums.He got involved with Special Olympics figure skating as a teenager and as they say the rest is history. He has medalled at 3 national championships and won 2 gold at the world championship in Boise.Tim also competes and has medalled in powerlifting. With the support of an amazing skating program Tim brings joy to all who are priveleged to watch him skate.He was best man recently at his brothers wedding. His brother met his wife through special olympic skating.

About Me:

Very proud mother who is looking forward to supporting him in Korea.


Tim in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
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