I am small but I can win

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I will compete for Team Italy in floor hockey.
My name is Martha, I was born in Monza, July 1993. I live in Italy with my parents and two brothers. I have a certificate in craftsmanship and now I’m attending a introduction to work hoping to become a gardener. I’m curious, I love staying with other people and I practiced many sports. I like sports as they allow me to overcome insecurities, strengthen my body and better my relationship with others. My parents helped me get involved in sports, in fact since I was 13 I have practice equestrian and I’m quite good, I am quite a good skiier, I swim and I cycle. Three years ago I started playing basketball but, despite my commitment, I’m not so tall to reach the basket, so last year I discovered that floor hockey is much more suitable to me and it is in this sport that I’ll compete in Korea. It’s a dream for me having been chosen to represent Italy and I’m very excited for the long journey we’ll make. Cheer for us!

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics Italy athlete


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