Expanding Sports Participation for People with Disabilities

Special Olympics Unified Sports is a major international program that mixes people with and without intellectual disabilities on sport teams.

The Special Olympics community applauds President Barack Obama for callling for greater equality and opportunities in school sports for students with disabilities. Special Olympics has had such programs for years and knows it leads to more welcoming and tolerant schools across America.

“This new guidance is vitally important to students with disabilities," Special Olympics International Chairman and CEO Timothy Shriver said. Special Olympics has pursued a fully inclusive sports participation path for people with various levels of intellectual capabilities and sporting abilities throughout our history, and with Unified Sports® since 1989. We know the direct benefits from sports participation to individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as their Unified Sports® teammates without such disabilities.”

The specific call out to “allied or “unified” sports, is especially encouraging, as this has been a part of the Special Olympics offering for many years. Special Olympics Unified Sports ®, an inclusive sports program that combines approximately equal number of individuals with intellectual disabilities and partners without intellectual disabilities on teams for training and competition, is a significantly growing program that has direct results in building more inclusive school climates.

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