Skiing is Freedom for Scot Teen

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Luke Purdie - the only athlete from Scotland competing at the 2013 Winter Games.
Luke Purdie is the only contender from Scotland to compete in the 2013 World Winter Games. The 18-year-old took up skiing seven years ago when he was introduced to the sport while living with his family in Norway. He says: "I’m excited to take part, to try and do my best. I’m excited about going to a country I’ve never been to before. I want to win medals in South Korea." Adrienne, Luke’s mother, who is travelling with him to The Games, said: "We see what a difference it has made to Luke’s life - the skiing is physical and the competitive element makes such a difference to their social and personal skills. "Luke gets a freedom with the speed of skiing that they don’t always get in everyday life." Luke's father, Jim, who is also the chairman of the SOGA team, says "He has been going through some intensive and rigorous training. The fact that someone like Luke can go through the training and see improvements is just incredible; it has really brought him out of his shell."

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