Every fall has made me stronger - Meet Josip from Bosnia

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This is me winning my Gold at Idaho World Winter Games 2009 at 500m Race Freestyle Cross Country. I look happy!
My name is Josip Adžaip from Bosnia & Herzegovina and I've been doing sports since an early age. I am 26 now and my favorite sports are table tennis and skiing. For 10 years I have trained very hard with my coach Ruzmir. I enjoy training so much that I don’t feel the time go by. My coach is my family. I grew up at the Duga Centre for people with intellectual disabilities. My coach and I won a silver medal in at the World Winter Games in Japan in 2005 and a gold medal at the Idaho World Winter Games in 2009. For the Winter Olympic Games in Korea, we have trained on the nearby mountains: Ravno Rostovo, Kupres, Busovačka staja, where we always enjoy a very good atmosphere thanks to our hosts who give us hearty support. Every training day we have great moments that motivate us to work even harder. We had some falls but we were not discouraged – they just made us stronger. After all of our training and preparation, we hope that we can accomplish good results at PyeongChang 2013.

About Me:

I am an athlete from Special Olympics Bosnia & Herzegovina.