Set the Bar High

Vivienne Shockley
Vivi, Flame of Hope, South Korean patrol car
Our daughter was diagnosed with bilateral congenital hip displaysia at 3 months of age. The doctors corrected it with traction, casts & harnesses. We were informed she would be able to walk correctly, but many athletic pursuits would probably not be possible. She was diagnosed with intellectual disabilities & speech problems at 3 years of age. The doctors prescribed school for social interaction, the educators informed us her learning would be quite hampered, & future life would probably be quite limited. We chose not to settle for the doctors & the educators’ opinion of leaving the bar of opportunity so low. We set the bar high. The phrase “I can’t” was not acceptable. Vivienne is now 32 years old. She served 2 years on the LETR Int'l Exec Council. Her sport of choice is powerlifting. She is a Final Leg Torch Runner in South Korea, giving speeches & running every day. We are so proud of our daughter & her many accomplishments. I wish the doctors and the educators could see her now.

About Me:

I am the very proud mother of Vivienne Shockley. I work with LETR in my area & I work with the powerlifting athletes. I am also a powerlifter myself, due to Vivi's challenge that I could do it too.