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Special Olympics Athlete makes Floorball History

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Danish floorball goalie Kristian Ooe makes floorball history.
Denmark won against Sweden for the first time in the history of floorball at a Special Olympics floorball match today in Gangneung at the World Winter Games 2013. The final score in the tight match was 3-2 to Denmark. Kristian Ooe, who played an excellent match in the Danish goal became the first ever floorball goalie to beat a Swedish team. He made some important saves throughout the match. "It was a very good game for us and I am very happy that we won Sweden for the first time", he said after the game. Kristian Ooe is actually born in Korea and this is the first time he is visiting Korea after 38 years: "I haven´t been here since 1974 when I was only eight months old. I really like Korea and all the people here and it is great that floorball has now given me the chance to visit the country where I was born". 2013 is the first time Floorball has been included in a Special Olympics World Winter Games and the milestone follows a partnership with the International Floorball Federation.

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