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Indonesia's GYAS Team: (L to R)Farhan,Sri Mulyono and Kemal Avicenna
12 year old Kemal Avicenna is the youngest youth participant representing Asia Pacific for the Global Youth Activation Summit (GYAS). His cousin Farhan Arandra is doubling up as his partner for the GYAS. Kemal and Farhan have been inseparable ever since they started playing bocce with Special Olympics Indonesia. This shared experience deepened their bond and boosted their confidence, spurring them to apply for a GYAS spot. Nurturing that relationship is their chaperone, Sri Mulyono Sohiran, a staff of PT Mattel Indonesia and active volunteer. With their Summit learnings, the pair would like to take on leadership roles championing youth activation in Indonesia.

About Me:

I am the Asia Pacific Manager for Project Unify.