Teneesha Coulson: Strong and Determined

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This is Teneesha’s fifth year alpine skiing with Special Olympics. It was quite a challenge for her to get to Korea. In May of 2011 (her grad year) she took very ill. She wasn’t able to keep food down. She lost around 40 pounds in 6 months. She was in and out of the hospital. More in than out. It’s a good thing she is stubborn and strong. She would get a day pass from the hospital in order to go to Crystal Mountain to practice. We had the doctors discharge her from the hospital in order to attend the Canada Games at Marmot Basin where she won 3 gold medals at the intermediate level. When she got back to Penticton it was back to hospital where she finally had to have a feeding tube inserted. And now look at her. In Korea representing Canada in Alpine Skiing. She said in her write up that I am her hero. I hope she knows that she is my hero. Her strength and determination amaze me every day.

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I am Teneesha's proud, proud Mom