Finally! A Level Playing Field For My Son!

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Sporting the New Team USA Uniform
Our son Chase was born with a huge desire to play in sports. As a baby his gross motor skills were perfectly "on time," but as time clicked on, he fell further and further behind cognitively. Always having this yearning to achieve in sports, his disability seemed to limit him in the regular community sports programs more and more- we tried asking for exceptions to be made, but we were continually denied. No one in the community programs seemed to get it. It wasn't until at the age of 14 when Chase and our family joined Special Olympics that his whole life experience changed. FINALLY the playing field became level for our son, and he became a ROCKSTAR! Any expectations I've ever had for him as a mother have been far surpassed. I have proudly watched with tears in my eyes, as my child has proudly represented Utah, and the USA around the world. Special Olympics has taught my child that he can succeed in just about anything and besides, he can also be brave in the attempt. Thanks to Special Olympics miracles have begun.

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