Together We Can

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I was honored to represent Special Olympics Egypt (the land of pharos) and to be chosen to attend the Global Youth Summit. I came here to pass a message of awareness, respect and friendship to all of you and to people who still believe that we are different. Of course, you all want to know me. I am Rahma and I study at Alsun School for tourism and hotels year 2. I enjoy my study as it prepares me for my future work and career. Also, I think it is very important to practice any kind of sport, I have chosen swimming to be my favorite. I practice it since I was four years old and I got my first medal at the age of 13. Love, understanding, believing and willing to accept others, no matter how different they are is my message. Don’t consider us different, we are part of this society, we can help, participate and succeed. We are still and shall continue fighting to gain our rights. We are here and together we can.

About Me:

I am an athlete and youth leader with Special Olympics Egypt.


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