Gareth had More Bounce than Tigger

I first met Gareth when my son started attending Special Olympics Isle of Man fit club night - Gareth was a lively character who was always great fun and had the most amazing energy - we always said he had more bounce than tigger ! His passion for football and any training was fantastic and inspiring to all the other athletes. My condolences go to his family from all the mums who helped out at fit club night every monday .

About Me:

My son is competing in the snow shoeing in Korea it is his second world games, he took part in the summer games in Athens 2012 as part of the athletic team. I have helped out as an assistant coach and also as a volunteer off over the last 4 years. Going to special olymipics was a life changing experience for my son the benefits have been far reaching in his life and his increase in social skills and learning . Both my son and I have made the most wonderful friends in the Isle of man team and other families. Thank you