Meeting new faces around the world

While we were in one of the auditoriums watching floor ball we interviewed a Special Olympic athlete from Austria. The man had been participating in floor ball for 2 years but unfortunately had never won a floor ball match. The Austrian man said that his main goal was to finally get his first floor ball win. While interviewing him the Austrian man was very polite and was very sure of all of the answers he gave us. He said the thing that he was enjoying most about his trip to South Korea was meeting a wide variety of people and establishing healthy long lasting friendships. After my group finalized the interview with the Austrian man we took a group picture and said our good byes. The aspects of the trip that this Austrian man liked about his trip was identical to everyone participating in the Global Youth Activation Summit. Meeting new people all over the world, and seeing other people's interest has been a very rewarding experience. People all around the world have come together for one cause, that says it all.

About Me:

I am a unified partner for Special Olympics Southern California. I have been volunteering with Special Olympics for 5 years and founded the Dos Pueblos Special Olympics Club.