Rollercoaster Weather in Pyeongchang, 2013 Winter Games

I am LIM, a weather forecaster from Korea Meteorological Administration, working for World Winter Games Pyeongchang 2013 Korea. The weather in here Pyeongchang has been varied and ever-changing. On last Monday, Jan.28, just the previous day of the opening ceremony, it was so cold which the temperature went down to -22.9 ℃(-9 ℉)). But on last Friday, Feb.1, just 4 days later, the temperature went up to 7.8℃(46 ℉). Added to that, it poured so much rain (24.0 mm(0.95 inch)) that the snow sports were cancelled. Now we are worring too much snowfall. we forecast much snow tonight, tomorrow morning, and the closing day(Feb.5). Even though the fickle weather, we really hope that all player and attendants will enjoy the spirits of the Special Olympics.

About Me:

Weather Forecaster From Korea Meterological Administration(KMA)