The friendship between Cody the snowboarder and me

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Hello My name is John Choi. I'm Korean boy and I have also Korean name Woojun Choi. I want to introduce my snowboarder friend Mr. Cody Field. He is USA athlete and my email friend. At first, I found the post of friendship at my school homepage. I'd like to be a friend to one of you Athletes. So I did as the post said like sending mails to the representative named Mr. Ron Vederman. He connected me to Cody. After sending and receiving some mails, Winter Olympics began and We finally met!! It was the moment that We can't forget forever. He was awesome rider. He got gold medals!! I enjoyed his talking. He knows many interesting stories and has talent to make other people happy. I hope He and I can keep in touch forever and meet again!

About Me:

My name is John Choi. I'm 9 years old korean boy. I do Taekwondo, the korean martial arts. And I'm enjoying football, violin, piano and swimming. My favorite subject is Math. because I think I'm good at Math. sometimes I write poems of course in korean.:) I'm happy that I met you atheltes from all over the world in pyongchang. I watched snowboarding in Alpensia resort and skating in Yongpyong Dome. you althelets were awesome!! Now i'm back to my house. Thank you athelets~~:)