Humbling Moment

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Me at the Unified Skiing event
I was a volunteer for the World Special Olympics in Pyeongchang these last few weeks and it was the best time i have had in my life so far. I have volunteered a few other times at local events in Okinawa and Virginia but this was the 1st time i was able to get out and see more events. It is amazing how the athletes train and how amazing they are at the sports. I was able to meet many global messenagers and was inspired and hubbled by how positive they were and how estatic they are to be here. I made new life long friends that i will stay in contact with forever. Seeing the athletes interact with celebreties and All Star fans in the unified Sports events were also amazing. The pros like Apollo Ohno speed skating with the athletes was an amazing event to see. I will remeber this forever and hope to volunteer at the summer olympics in LA in 2015.

About Me:

I am a volunteer from the US Forces in Korea. I Have been living here in korea for 2 years and help teach english at local schools. I have volunteered for the Special Olympics multiple times before but this was my 1st World Games and hope to help out at more in the future. I would love to get more involved.