Unified Sports at World Games

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Abraham Moreno faces off against former NBA star Sam Perkins in the Floor Hockey Unified Sports Experience.
My experience playing in the Unified Sports Experience Floor Hockey Game was incredible. I am glad to be selected to play in that game at the world’s grand stage at the World Winter Games. I totally love to play floor hockey, I love it very much and I wish I could play it every single day. I was glad to play floor hockey again for the first time in two months. It was a great feeling playing it again. The officials gave us uniforms to wear and there were four teams. I was on the blue team. We played two games. I scored two goals in the first game. We had a big lead in the first half of the game, then the other team caught up to tie the score 6-6. In the last minute, my team was able to break the tie and win the game. In the second game, it was for the championship, winner against winter. There were celebrities that played and they were pretty tall. We won the game by and got first place. I was glad that I was able to play in this game and I had a great time.

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics athlete and youth leader with Special Olympics Southern California. I am currently attending the Global Youth Activation Summit in South Korea


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