Gulya is a Revolutionary

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Tim Shriver & Gulya Saidova with Team Nigeria Floor Hockey athletes at 2013 World Winter Games.
Gulya Saidova, the national director of Special Olympics Uzbekistan, is a revolutionary. I'm spending the day with her today at the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang Korea and it's like going to an intensive graduate course on how to change a country. She's convinced the government to adopt inclusive education for the entire country, she's convinced businesses to become donors to Special Olympics Uzbekistan, she's convinced University students to volunteer for Special Olympics Unified Sports, and she's convinced schools nationwide to teach our curriculum, SO Get Into It emphasizing diversity and shared service toward a more accepting future. Because of her, thousands are joining the Special Olympics Dignity Revolution. Because of her, a nation will change to become more accepting of the dignity of all citizens. If you ever doubted that one woman can change a country, stop doubting and meet Gulya. The Revolution is gaining power. Game on!

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