Gangnam Style Games!

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Athletes dancing Gangnam Style.
Today is the last day of competitions and soon we will all go home. But I know that whenever I hear the song Gangnam Style I will always remember PyeongChang 2013! Over this past week of intensive competitions this song has united athletes, coaches, families, fans, volunteers and officials together in a spirit of fun and celebration. No matter where it has been played (and its been played a lot!) - in stadiums, ski slopes, conferences and dining areas - it never fails to get everyone up off their seats dancing and having fun. Koreans have a great sense of humour so they have really enjoyed watching visitors from all over the world having a go at Gangnam Style. Both music and sport have the ability to unite people and communities. And in PyeongChang we have been fortunate to experience the power of both. It has really been a memorable part of the Games!

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