Pride, Abilities, Talents

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Chaperone Dani (left) with Athlete Danish.
The Global Youth Activation Summit brought out the best in its participants; it stretched their abilities and revealed new talents. Radif Rizvi, a GYAS partner from Pakistan, was amazed at his time in Pyeongchang: “Coming here, I had no idea it was going to be this much fun, meet so many people, make so many friends, I really didn’t know I had the confidence to go up on stage and talk. This is my first time. I don’t have public speaking experience.” Adds Chaperone Alvi Daniyal (Dani): “I’ve been volunteering for seven years, and this is my first time at the Summit. I’ve gotten great ideas from these friends to continue our Youth Activation efforts in Pakistan.” For athlete Danish Mahmood, the Summit is about “making Pakistan proud,” telling people about his country, and help spread the GYAS word on Social Media. We hope Team Pakistan will take their new learnings and share the word!

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