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Saving the Best for Last

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When I first met Mona, she had just fallen and hurt her knee, which was a little troubling to a dedicated alpine skier ahead of her big race. But soon, after she started talking about her love of skiing and the years she's skied with Special Olympics, a big smile came back to her face.

Mona has been competing in Special Olympics for about 30 years, but she'd never gone to any World Games. Until now.

"It's like a dream for me," says Mona. "It's something I've always wanted to do."

She says these World Games have been the best time for her, despite the cold. Of course, Mona gets pretty used to cold winters living in Wyoming, USA. All week, Mona kept practicing and working toward her goal of doing her very best.

On the last day of competition, all of Mona's cold-weather training and positive attitude paid off. She won gold in the Alpine Intermediate Slalom, despite that sore knee. Mona is now among the thousands of athletes traveling home all around world. Congratulations to all!!

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