Through my son

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I was involved with Special Olympics since 2007. I served as the head of a special needs committe at the Heliopolis Sporting Club. During that time i had recruited coaches from different sports to visit, organized camps to teach independence, and coordinated a festival to bring athletes from different clubs. At the regional level, I facilitated family forums and provided guidance to other families throughout the Middle East North Africa region and hopes to find real opportunities for my son and all other children with disabilities for further education and suitable employment.a Also I celebrated with Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day 2011 and 2012 by different ways. One time we made unified sports with the families and made young athletes show. The other year we made family forum as acknowdegment awareness. By being in Special Olympics my life has changed, also my son gained self confidence. I feel that I am making contributions to society, I have been blessed. I have made wonderful friends who see me for what I am.

About Me:

I am a mother of a child with intellectual disability and was a global family leader 2011-2013 representing SO MENA region. My son is on grade 12 in Integrated American school. I wish he can study at a university. Strongly believing in equal rights for people with disabilities and the importance of family support. My son plays equestrian and he got 7 medals.