Meeting Daniella!

Travelling thousands of miles from her hometown Chile, twenty-eight (28) year old Daniella came to compete in the 2013 Pyeong Chang World Winter Games, hosted in South Korea. Daniella is an athlete who has Down syndrome. She competes in Figure Skating and has been figure skating as a hobby for about ten years. This is her first time competing as a Special Olympics athlete. Daniella is a happy spirited young lady. You can’t walk pass her without smiling. On the 30th of January 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady at the Gangneung ice rink. She was preparing for her figure skating competition, as Larissa was fixing her long beautiful brown hair. Though short in stature you can tell by her outer appearance that she is a joy to be with. She does not speak much English as her native language is Spanish. She is a remarkable athlete, and it was my pleasure to meet her.

About Me:

I am Vashti Thompson, a youth and fellow member of the Global Youth Summit. I have been involved in Special Olympics for 6 and a half years and I will continue to be involved. I am a sophmore in highschool. Special Olympics changed many lives, including mine, as I have a twin sister with Down-Syndrome. Special Olympics emphasizes that even if you are intellectually challenged, our similarities outweigh our differences.