Why I enjoy Special Olympics

On the average, I do not enjoy being out in the hot sun and it is over 100 degrees all day. I am a Special Education Teacher, I teach intermediate SLD. I love this event because the children with special needs get to have a day of fun and feeling successful in their events. I also like having the general education students participate, because they get to know the student they are partnered with. That day they are kids having fun; laughing, playing and supporting their school. The smiles on their faces, make it worth enduring the Las Vegas heat in May. We have a lot of support from staff, who purchase T-shirts and wear them on the day of the Olympics. This year, because of testing, my class will not be able to attend. It broke my heart to see their faces, when they found out they would not be able to attend Special Olympic, because of schedule testing. I hope next year, testing doesn't ruin an event that my students love to attend.

About Me:

I'm an intermediate Special Education Teacher and have been teaching in Clark County for about 7 years.