Friends that are unwilling to understand

I had a best friend that I had known for 13 years I have been in special ed for 8 years because I have Social Anxiety, General Anxiety, ADD and a Learning Disability in writing/reading and math. I told her everything and she did the same. In 9th grade she started using the R-word and every time we would get in a fight and have to stop in the frame of mind that you are just not ready to learn and change your way of thinking. One day we were eating lunch just her and me and one of her friends. Her friend put and orange peel in her mouth and smiled. So my friend asked “can you do that again?” so she did she then said “That’s so special Ed”. I told thats not ok to say and it offended me and she had the audacity to say “well, its not directed towards you” well you know what it is and I left and she hasn’t talked to me scene. All I wanted from her was just to have enough respect for me to just try not to use the R-word. The worst part is that she knew how I felt and said it any ways.

About Me:

When I was in third grade I was diagnosis with Social Anxiety, General Anxiety, ADD and a Learning Disability in writing/reading and math. Getting the help I needed in school was a struggle as Special Education staff have always had troube understanding me and meeting my emotional as well as intellectual challenges. I am a photographer and I currently go to an Arts high school that I applied to and there was an interview and a portfolio review. I went to despite my anxiety yelling at me that I wasn’t good enough and that I was making a fool out of myself. I went anyways and a few months later I received a letter saying that I had unfortunately did not get in. I was devastated and begged my mom to call and find out why. She was against calling, because she thought there is nothing they can do you just didn't get in. She called anyways and they told her that there was no reason that I shouldn’t have gotten in. All of my scores were very high and he asked if I was in Special Education.