Just because I "learn different"

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I always known I'm put into the "different group" or what some say "R" group. I grew up in a small town at a dead end of the world. I was in Special Ed in all my school years. I was always picked on, of course called names, things said to me, and physically by students. What made me sick is some of the teachers were mean too. The big thing that bothered me most was I was always ignored. By everyone. I lived a lonely childhood along with my parents strict religion with no holidays, I didn't have any friends or invited to any party's. I was hated for many reasons. In the SE room, I just mostly sat there and was told the answers, so I didn't learn. This all also happened at my own home and same things done by my own so called family. Never forgot one day driving by the mental institute, my parents mocked me and all my family agreed I would end up there. I have learning disability and I never have or will stoop there there ground level. Was always told what I can't do.

About Me:

I am a proud mother of three beautiful amazing kids. Regardless of my LD, it is my dream to write a true love story.